Basic Manicure | 45 min.€ 36,50
Manicure with nail polish | 60 min.€ 42,50
Manicure with GELaquer | 90 min. € 48,50
Manual removal
Manual removing the GELaquer and basic manicure | 60 min.€ 42,50
Removal of entire set fake nails (Acryl,Gel) and basic manicure | 105 min.€ 63,50
Other treatments
Repair of one broken nail with Adhesive Fabric€ 12,50
Therapy with Rosa Demascena€ 32,50

Tips voor de client.

How to care for the nails:

1 Clean well under the nails with a soft manicure brush while rinsing with water!
2 If you change your nail polish often-use polish remover acetone free to prevent nails from drying!
3 Use a fine manicure file to form the freedge and to make the desired shape- choose between 200/220/240!
4 If you need to make the nails shorter, cut the nails and reduce the length with scissors, cut into smaller pieces, starting at one end. You could shorten the nails by using only manicure file. Remember to file in one direction only. This will prevent nails from splitting.
5 Before applying nail lacquer, always use a base coat. This will protect the nail platform yellowing!
6 Apply nail lacquer in the layers. This way it will dry faster and avoid the formation of “bubbels”. Select the appropriate color nail lacquer.
7 You can use rapid polish dryer dropsor or polish dryer in order to shorten the drying time of the nail lacquer!
8 Use cuticle oil every day, it supports the elasticity of skin fold, nourishes nail and protect them from splitting!

Daily care for your nails will pay off with an amazing results: Healthy, smooth and resilient nails!!

Hand Care

You hands are exposed daily to adverse weather, contact and function at work. As a result your hand’s skin lose its softness, it starts to crack and becomes rough. It is necessary to ensure daily care to keep their elasticity and youth. See the following tips for beautiful hands:

1 Use soap that does not dry skin!
2 Use an appropriate day cream!
3 In the summer high temperatures and burning sun dry skin. It dehydrates and becomes rough. In this case use moisturizing creams and lotions!
4 Winter is the season when hands need 100% care. Continuous exposure to cols leads to cracking. Use nourishing and protective creams. Winter care series are specially designed for best protection during the winter, choose the right one for you!
5 In autumn and winter it is advisable to use masks for your hands or other therapies to nourish the skin and maintain elasticity!

This will pay off many times because you will retain the softness and tenderness of your skin!